Cowboy Mouth at The Chelsea Hotel

cowboymouth.6 Cowboymouth.7

Young Artists at the Chelsea Production of Cowboy Mouth at the Chelsea 

It is no secret that I have a thing for T-Shirts. One of my most favorite is a gray, red and white one from The Hamptons Film Festival. It presents a simple and irrefutable message, and I quote: “Film is Art, Theater is Life & Television is Furniture. Much of my working life has been in the film industry, but I have also spent ten years raising money and providing marketing services for theaters.

I am also lucky to count as Brothers and Sister, Friends and Family some of the most dedicated and talented performers around. The experience of looking at theater from the inside out has driven home what I have always believed that the show that starts with the opening of a theatrical performance is only a small part of what theater really does for us.

When I broke in to arts development I was on the phone for NYC Ballet’s 50 Anniversary Season. We were tasked to raise a half of a million dollars (which we did). The most effective hooks that I used to evoke the power of the performing arts is that “you probably remember something about every performance that you have seen over the past 20 years.” This also is a strong testament to the power of Theater.

Sunday night I was treated to that power, very close to home. Once again edgy theater was again being presented on my block. I can think back to those by gone years when Squat Theater was pumping out hit after hit like “The Many Loves of Andy Warhol,” and “Mr. Dead and Mrs. Free.” When the plays weren’t up there were monthly performances of Sun Ra’s Arcestra. It was all a bit of hipster heaven.

I am thrilled that some young people who met at Harvard joined with some local talent to produce a very strong and enjoyable production of Sam Shepard and Patti Smith’s collaboration “Cowboy Mouth” If you don’t know the play is a tug of war filled with poetic jabs at dysfunction in love, and the push pull of the artistic blur of an existence Vs.the straight life of bringing up one’s baby. But rest assured there is more meat on this stick.

Annie Fox who plays Cavale organically absorbed Patti Smiths movements including the “Space Monkey” squat jumps to perfection. She spits out stories or reproaches to Slim, beautifully draw by David Andrew Laws. Laws also moves skillfully with aplomb. Thomas Sullivan, the “Lobster Man” is very adept with a comic, and somewhat tragic interpretation of the guy who would bring this couple lobsters from El Quixote downstairs. I certainly want to see more of this talented man.

Young Artists at the Chelsea Production of Cowboy Mouth will run until June 20. Tickets

are available while they last via their website

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