More from the Hotel Chelsea Doughnut Plant!

Why I Love Doughnut Plant

Yes it had been on my mind, it comes every year, the long days of June; the running of The Belmont Stakes, and of course D-Day. In this case I am not speaking to the Allied invasion of France, rather an issue and institution much closer to home. I am referring to Doughnut Plant & National Doughnut Day. This D-Day, I was informed that more than 1700 doughnuts were served many of them free of charge, well worth standing in line for.

Twenty years ago I would have never believed that a doughnut shop offering artisan quality treats at a premium price would last till   their first commercial lease renewal, well I was certainly wrong on that one Ollie. I first began to really process Doughnut Plant while a Rep for The New York Observer. We were producing some beautiful magazines, and I very much wanted them to participate as an advertiser.

Talking it out with their Managers, and some of the company principles it became clear to me that they did not wish to take any chances on advertising. This was a shame since my boss would have probably accepted a barter arrangement, and those wondrous morsels would have made a nifty change from my coffee and oatmeal, not to mention, being well appreciated at our weekly sales meetings.

Last Spring I adopted the Meyer lemon as a very important part of my Artist Way work. I had in the past done a lot of work on my art development with the Julia Cameron book “The Artist Way.” The Meyer lemons sold out in one day at both Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s. They were nowhere to be seen at Fairway or Garden of Eden.

A few days latter a shipment arrived at Whole Foods I went home with a big sackful of them. The creator came through! Juicy, aromatic with a soft and edible peal, I set to work adding them to fish dishes and baking projects. I perfected a scone recipe which I added unsweetened coco and flax seeds, Meyer lemon juice and peal bits. This was a real game changer, they are still talking about these scones at my eye doctor’s office where I treated them to a big basket of these “cookies.” BTW anyone that you bake for will remember you fondly!

You might say that the Creme Brulee doughnuts alone made the Doughnut Plant brand a reality. Deliciously sweet, crunchy with a wonderful custard center I am talking about pure doughnut perfection. Also the Mole Chocolate and the Verona Chocolate are amazing. What really surprises me is the depth to the Doughnut Plant menu which includes carrot cake peanut butter and jelly, just to name a few. All of course washed down with great coffee.

Doughnut Plant came up with a sensational Meyer Lemon doughnut which in my mind Doughnutplant.2surpasses any expectations that I might have of a perfect sweet treat. On all accounts, taste, texture, ect it is about as good as a doughnut can get. I have passionately lobbied the Doughnut Plant principles to keep this doughnut on as a regular menu item, sadly it has not come to pass. How about a bitter dark glaze on this doughnut to do justice to it’s lemony perfection and please! Make his doughnut a year round phenom.

I spoke with a very friendly customer who happily shared that he goes to Doughnut Plant three or more times a week. He loves the Peanut butter and Jelly Doughnuts, it was in his honor that I tried the Peanut Butter and Banana Doughnut, which I found delis’, if a bit too large and sticky for me.

I favor the Cake over the Yeast Doughnuts as well as the smaller ones like the Creme Brulee Doughnut which made their brand and causes patrons to cue up at their LES original location 20 years ago.

For those of us who have to struggle a bit to get into our swim suits I appreciate that you have a choice at Doughnut plant of large yeast Doughnuts as well as smaller cake ones, not to mention bite sized ones that can make a great side car to a coffee or as an extra doughnut for that especially rewarding day.

I have posted briefly on Doughnut Plant in the past, and will post more photographs of this special and beloved institution over the weekend. Visit Doughnut Plant at the Chelsea Hotel on 23rd St.  Cheers!

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