Doughnut Plant A Taste of Asia

By Paul Kornblueh

Followers of Changing Chelsea and those who know me know that I am nuts about Doughnut Plant. When I first approached them about advertising in The New York Observer I became privy to some of their principles plans for expansion. We were both in agreement that expansion in Japan would be a natural fit. Twelve years latter Doughnut Plant LES and Chelsea are celebrating Lunar New Year with a Taste of Japan.doughnutplant

While most of us are only familiar with Asian baking either in Japanese Bubble Tea Shops and in China town bakeries both of which I love. I have fond memories of meeting my Tai Chi instructors at The Golden Unicorn and returning to Chelsea with a box of Chinese baked goods (a dozen for less than two bucks) sharing them with my doorman or other visitors to my studio with green tea. Often more savory than sweet sampling Doughnut Plants taste of Asia will be a surprise for most of their customers.

My favorite is without question the Black Sesame Doughnut which combines texture, taste, and visual appeal. I wonder and want to know which is your favorite.

Do stop in to Doughnut Plant 222 west 23rd St