Chelsea Bounces Back

Almost three years ago we were visited by this horrible Pandemic, now life is beginning to return to the new normal. Many businesses have failed, many marijuana stores have opened replacing long vacant, shut down bodegas. On streets the smell of pot fills the air, oh well I guess we need the tax revenue. The Aristocratic Deli, in my building nearly 50 years, has failed and remains closed and papered over. Just today I noticed that our last 7/11 has now closed (no great loss).

That said some establishments seem to be hanging on, and even thriving. Excellent Dumpling House is doing a brisk businesses and offers a 10% cash discount. Malibu Dinner, who did very well on take out and delivery businesses during lock down has substantially raised it’s prices, which does not seem to be keeping people away. The Cooper Still is packing them in both inside and outside, I will have to give it a try someday, curious.

New and retooled joints have opened as well. The Chelsea Hotel, although not done with their problematical renovation is serving upscale out of towners. El Quixote has reopened, smaller with new management and a new menu, big shoes to fill there. On 7th Ave a new counter service Thai restaurant has taken the place that Fast Wok once served good and inexpensive Chinese Food. I have noticed that Items are running 5 to 10 bucks more on your check. I was shocked when a breakfast at Malibu Dinner ran me $24 without the tip!

I am pleased to report that one of my favorite Chelsea haunts, the vintage shop Eye Candy is going strong. Stop in for your vintage clothing and accessory needs, in this well stocked and beautifully merchandised treasure trove. A great place for your Halloween needs, a personal indulgence or a thoughtful gift. This little oasis is a very special Chelsea destination.

The Halloween Parade is on again and it seems that we will have a holiday season that will include travel and family visits for many. For me it has been a challenging time, illnesses and hospitalization have defined my Summer. Months latter I am feeling more like myself but playing catch up with my life. I am the proud new owner of my dream camera plus a couple of new lenses. Soon I will launch a Blog dedicated to my photography. In the mean time I intend to stay busy and fit and hope that you all can do the same.

Changing Chelsea © Paul Kornblueh

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